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I am a motivated and inquisitive Electronics and Communication Engineering Senior at National Institute of Technology, Delhi. I have a strong tech stack(Java, Web, Android, Game Engine, Hardware development) and rich project experience including CERN Openlab, Google Summer of Code 2014 & 2015, FOSS contributions, engineering/designing API's for software firms/startups and a couple of major hackathons (Education Category winner at HackHarvard 2015). I like to learn new tech and build projects that show why technology is awesome!

Latest Projects

OpenMRS OAuth2 module

OAuth2 module - OpenMRSOpen Source

An OpenMRS module that converts any OpenMRS installation into an OAuth2 provider. It was built during Google Summer of Code 2015 and supports all 4 grant types (Authorization Code, Implicit, Resource Owner and Client Credentials). The module integrates Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth projects into OpenMRS

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Virtual Reality Desk - PennApps XII

This project was built during PennApps XII, the biannual hackathon of University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. It uses an Oculus Rift to project a virtual office environment in which you navigate by using your arm as a joystick (interfaced with Thalmic Myo). The virtual office is linked to the outer world via third party API's to implement flow of information between virtual and the physical world. So you can use services like Gmail, GCalendar in the virtual environment. The project is proof of concept for the idea of providing a virtual space where people in remote locations can gather and work.

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Cinematic Editor

Cinematic Editor - jMonkeyEngineOpen Source

The cinematic editor provides a GUI toolkit for game developers to quickly create game trailers and in-game cut-scenes. It provides timeline, events and curve editing for game objects. Good-bye to the days of using screen capture for trailers.

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ThunderBolt - NIT DelhiOpen Source

As a freshman, I noticed my school's librarian was still using pen and paper for record keeping. So,I built a fully-fledged lightweight library management system called Thunderbolt. It is hosted by a central server to which desktop and web clients can connect. It was tested in the school's library for few months before we had a dedicated Insitute Management System

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Other Projects

TFT-Touch Screen UI Framework Open Source

A lightweight UI framework written in C++. It reduces the task of creating menu's for touch displays to a few lines of code. The framework is compatible with all microcontroller/ microprocessors that can compile C++ code(tested on Arduino/ Raspberry Pi) and every TFT touch screen in the market that has a C++ library. It provides callbacks to insert platform specific code and manages all menus/ menu elements/ rendering/ navigation/ memory consumed by itself. The framework was used in a Govt. of India project during my summer internship at DRDO

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Data Acquisition and Sensor Electronics

The project was built as part of the summer research internship at Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO, Govt. of India) in June 2015. The project involves implementing Pattern Recognition for Selective Odor Detection with Gas Sensor Arrays and developing Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) based gas sensors to detect 8 standard gases These sensors were calibrated to work with Arduino Due with the help of a 24-bit ADC. Arduino Due implements an Enhanced Neural Genetic Classification Algorithm (NCGA), a combination of Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks, to more accurately detect gases within a mixture with help of Discrete Wavelet Transform. It also synchronizes the sequence of processes that have to occur. (system initialization, gas valve, data acquisition, data anaysis and representation on TFT touch display, process termination)

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Film and Animation Developers Factory Open Source

This project was developed for CEIIT. It is a SaaS app that allows film-enthusiasts to connect and collaborate on projects. Only a part of the code written by me is public.Below is the code for a framework that installs modules on a web-application without reloading the server.

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